Experience Live Voting

See how easy it is to conduct a poll with live results using StrawPoll.

Anonymous Polls

Anonymous polls are mainly used to find out the majority opinion of a medium to large group. StrawPoll offers the setting options whether participants can submit one or more choices, or whether participants can add their own answers.


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Group Polls

Group polls are just the thing when the opinion of the individual is important. It is activated by enabling the "Require participants' names" option.We offer a number of different voting types, which are recommended depending on the number of participants in the poll. While the "participant grid" has proven itself with small groups, the "poll (default)" setting is clearer for larger groups.Great for sharing in your messenger like WhatsApp.


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Meeting Polls

Meeting polls (or scheduling polls) are basically group polls with the peculiarity that the answer options consist of dates or times. These are great for planning meetings or finding a common date with friends. The "participant grid" is always used, where custom limits can be set for individual options.


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