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Our Poll Maker is an easy-to-use online tool for the quick creation of polls. We offer a variety of setting options to customise the poll to best suit your needs.

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StrawPoll offers you to decide between different question formats, create and hold an unlimited number of polls, allow multiple responses and set different duplication checks.

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We have designed our poll maker to be as easy and intuitive to use as possible. At the same time, we are constantly optimizing the workflow of creating online polls on StrawPoll.

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Choose a title, a set of answer options and some basic settings.
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When a vote is cast, results will be updated in real-time.

Create an online poll in a matter of seconds

Whether it's a quick poll with friends or the solution to an eternal discussion in your forum, StrawPoll helps you find the answer quickly and easily.

Are you on social media and have you ever wanted to know what your followers really think? Here you can create a free poll in seconds, without any signup or registration. Of course, for complex features and to manage your polls, we also offer a login, which is not mandatory.

Get your results in real-time

The results of a poll are updated in real time via server-to-client push communication. The admin of a poll can change who should have access to the results at any time and can choose other useful settings.

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While the basic interface is kept simple, StrawPoll provides powerful tools to enable on-demand adjustments for many different purposes. Our help center is an ever-growing resource to help you get assistance with problems and discover features you don't know yet.